Plan a sustainable modelling community

Based on all these activities, this document presents a proposal for structuring the Canadian energy modelling community to better serve the needs of Canada. It calls for an Energy Modelling Center (EMC) and details its long-term governance framework, which meet the needs of a structure capable of offering support for specific energy models, ensuring a response timely and relevant to policy makers and facilitate communication between energy modellers and other stakeholders. The report addresses why and how to integrate the proposed structure, which aims to play a central role in evidence-based energy decision-making in the transition to a global low carbon economy by producing a non-partisan and timely analysis.

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Highlight the relevance of energy modelling for the Canadian energy transition

The following report shows that Canada has considerable expertise in energy modelling, ranging from the technical modelling of buildings to the optimization of the electrical network and the techno-economic evaluation of policies, which is already in place but dispersed across the country, domains, and sectors. Comparing the situation in Canada with that of a number of countries and states, it shows the need for Canada to set up a unifying structure capable of supporting its energy policy as the country embarks on a deep energy transition. 

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Convene the energy modelling community to promote collaboration

In collaboration with local researchers, the Initiative supported three regional workshops aimed at opening the dialogue between Canadian energy modellers and users as well as develop a proposal for creating a national network. A National forum, held in Montreal in December 2019, built on the conversations initiated in those workshops, other exchanges and the outputs of the several specific modelling projects to take position on the political relevance of energy modelling. The reports provide a summary of the presentations, round tables and collaborative analyzes of case studies discussed at these events.

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