Convening the energy national network

The Energy Modelling Initiative has been mandated by Natural Resources Canada to the Institut de l’énergie Trottier at Polytechnique Montréal with the primary goal of fostering synergies and collaboration. It seeks to convene the energy modelling community to facilitate dialogue between stakeholders and thereby, to fortify Canada’s energy modelling capacity for a transition towards a clean and electrified future. It also seeks to identify the kind of modelling activities that are required for sound policy making to achieve a successful energy transition.

Bringing one hundred of people together, a National Electricity Systems Modelling Forum held on December 17 and 18 have served to present the funded modelling projects and discuss how to prepare a first Canadian modellers vision for 2030-2050. Participants were invited to react to the first draft proposal of the initiative for building a sustainable modelling community able to inform governments and stakeholders about the electrified future.

The national forum have been build upon the rich conversations initiated in three regional workshops to further reflect on the value of energy modelling and the long term requirements to support the Canadian Energy Modelling Network. The outputs of the three regional workshops have therefore been discussed. Moreover, the results of the modelling projects selected for funding were presented with the idea of exposing their political relevance (see the documents below for more details).

The EMI believes that this event will help draw conclusions for structuring the Canadian Energy Modelling Network and identifying the infrastructural requirements for a long term plan to establish a sustainable capacity for energy modelling in Canada.


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