Data sources

EI2 Data flow
Costs and other parameters associated to costs

The main reports used as a data source for the EI2 models come from the following organizations:

  • Canada Energy Regulator (CER)
  • Canadian Academy of Engineering
  • Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI)
  • Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI)
  • Energy Star
  • International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  • Modernize – Home Services
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • University of Alberta, Future Energy Systems group
  • US Energy Information Administration (EIA)
  • Interviews

These costs include construction costs and fixed and variable O&M costs. Labor cost is one of the major sources of variation in total costs across provinces and territories. The wages used mainly come from the Government of Canada’s Open Government website.

Economic parameters

The economic parameters come from Statistics Canada and the Canada Energy Regulatory. This includes:

  • Economic multipliers, which express the interrelationship of the industries
  • Households consumption expenditure, which indicates where workers’ money is being spent
  • Deflators, which allow to convert the money values into the appropriate dollar year.
DataOrganizationAvailable formatCommentsYear Update rate of the sources
MultipliersStatistics CanadaCSVIOIC classification (Provinces and Territories)2017Annual but with a 3 years delay
MultipliersStatistics CanadaCSVIOIC classification (National)2017Annual but with a 3 years delay
Household expenditure Statistics CanadaCSVBy industry IOIC (Provinces and Territories)2017Annual but with a 3 years delay
Household expenditure Statistics CanadaCSVBy industry IOIC (National)2017Annual but with a 3 years delay
Inflators / DeflatorsCanada Energy RegulatorExcel2005 – 2050 forecast
Canada’s Energy Future 2020
WagesStatistics CanadaCSVBy NOC-2 digits, Canada and Provinces (No territories)2020Annual
Wages*Government of CanadaCSVJob Bank / Open Government
By NOC-4 digits, Canada, Provinces and Territories
Main economic parameters data sources, available online (*There is no link because it generates an error.)

All the other data sources are the JEDI models and various reports. 

Data files

EI2 – Power Production

EI2-PP Industry Aggregated Scheme

EI2-PP Multipliers

EI2-PP Households Final Consumption Expenditure

EI2-PP Trade and Transport Margins

EI2 – Energy Services

EI2-TC Industry Aggregated Scheme

EI2-TC Multipliers

EI2-TC Households Final Consumption Expenditure

EI2-TC Trade and Transport Margins