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January 12, 2021
Spine Toolbox: origin and application Spine Toolbox is a multi-platform software to manage data and workflow for modelling tasks, in particular for energy system modelling. Juha Kiviluoma, Senior Scientist (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) will present why the tool has been made and how it can help modellers to be more efficient, transparent and collaborativ Video
January 14, 2021
Spine Toolbox Demo
This presentation will be a demonstration of the actual workflow using Spine Toolbox. We will show you how to import data; how to add your own processing tools to the workflow; how data can be viewed and modified; how does the scenario system work and how different tools can be served from the central database. Video
February 9, 2021
FRANTIC: Financial Risk and the Impact of Climate Change Jean-Francois Mercure (University of Exeter) and Gregor Semieniuk, (University of Massachusetts Amherst) will present new models of the macroeconomy and financial networks to assess the risks and consequences associated with climate change. Those models were part of the FRANTIC project which aimed at developping a robust characterisation, quantification and communication of climate-related transition risks. registration

February 11, 2021

Real-Time Electricity Data (RTED) Simon Préfontaine of Natural Resources Canada will discuss recent efforts to improve access to high frequency and timely electricity data in Canada through the Real-time Electricity Data (RTED) project. This will include an overview of the business case, background and work done to date, and next steps.

NRCan hopes to collect feedback from the EMI community, and so please join us for this discussion!
March 1, 2021
Equalization payments in Canada: the unsuspected role of energy modellingdate and presentation to be confirmed