Natural Resources Canada is contemplating establishing a national energy modelling network to support decision-making by policy makers and other energy stakeholders on the transition to greener sources of energy. 

To this end, it mandated the Institut de l’énergie Trottier at Polytechnique Montréal to lead the Energy Modelling Initiative (EMI), with the objective of fostering the dialogue amongst the network of institutions conducting energy modelling and establishing the foundations of a long-term, sustained national modelling initiative.

Building on last year’s outcomes, the EMI continues with the following objectives:

  • Maintain the inventory
  • Conduct a call of projects in order to further contribute to the establishment of a national modelling platform
  • Maintain the dialogue of the power system modelling community at the national level

You are a modeller and your work can contribute to the design of a sustainable modelling community? We are interested in getting to know it! Send us a project report to: