Building on previous work

Energy modelling expertise is distributed widely, both geographically and across fields and sectors. Several initiatives have attempted  to partially convene Canada’s energy modelling expertise: various reports have been prepared by the IET and collaborators (IQCarbone and CESAR);  a SSHRC initiative, JCCTRP, is building an inventory of energy and transportation models used in Quebec, Ontario, California and Vermont (the preliminary report is currently being translated into English); a workshop on energy and transportation modelling, focusing on the Quebec’s government tools, assembled practitioners from industry and academia in January, as a joint effort by Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) and HEC, with contributions from the IET; and finally, the February 2019 workshop by NRCan provided a national list on which to build.

This task, led by the analyst working in support of the executive team, will continue to build this inventory, by scanning the literature, as well as contacting people in the provincial and federal ministries, large energy-related private firms (e.g. utilities and Canadian consultant firms), and researchers in universities.

The following domains should be considered in the inventory:  techno-economic modelling linked to the energy sector; electricity production, transport and distribution, integration of intermittent sources and distributed generation, CO2 sequestration, storage, etc.;  electricity uses in space heating and cooling, water heating, etc.;  electricity uses in transportation, including fuel cells, batteries, catenaries, etc.; electricity uses in fuel production, including hydrogen, recombined methane, etc.; other energy modelling will also be included as information becomes available.

Interested in contributing?

If you wish to contribute to this inventory, have reports or other documents of interest to bring to our attention: