Richard Hendriks


Background information

Richard (Rick) Hendriks has degrees in Civil Engineering and in Science from McMaster University, and is currently pursuing PhD studies in Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. His research entails assessing the feasibility of redeveloping Canada’s hydroelectric resources, including capacity expansion, operational redesign and pumped storage additions, in support of low-carbon electrification. For the past two decades, Rick has been engaged in the planning, environmental assessment, and Indigenous negotiations related to several large-scale hydroelectric projects across Canada. He has provided testimony before review panels and utility boards, and authored several papers concerning the environmental, economic, and social implications of these hydroelectric developments.

Model Usage

Policy Assessment

Energy policy, low-carbon electrification policy codes and standards (esp. in support of demand-side management), carbon reduction policy.


In my role as a PhD student, our models are primarily used for educational purposes, to support academic publications and to provide advice to policy makers.

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CRESTModel developed

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optimal (lowest-cost) capacity expansion generation portfolios,GHG emissions


system operational costs,GHG emissions