Long-term aspirations

On behalf of Natural Resources Canada, The Energy Modelling Initiative is working to establish a national electricity/energy systems modelling network. This network seeks to reflect the diversity of the capacities and needs for electricity modelling in Canada and facilitate the interaction of stakeholders.

The Canadian Energy Modelling Network will focus primarily on electricity system modelling while recognizing its interconnection with other sectors, particularly the key role it can play for energy efficiency at a systems level. The network will support federal and provincial policy makers in their policy making efforts for a transition towards a Clean Electric Future. Hence, the modelling network will create synergies among modellers, bridge the gap between modellers and users and deliver a common set of tools that is accessible to all stakeholders .

While the initial focus is on electrification, there is a long-term opportunity for this network to engage in broader modelling efforts concerning Canada’s energy system as a whole. The network builds on an informs the work of the recently inaugurated Statistic Canada’s Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI) which is integrating all energy data from across the country to act as a one-stop access point for energy data. The network would also complements the work of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Expert Engagement Initiative on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

International significance

The Energy Modeling Initiative is part of a global movement that extends beyond Canada’s borders. Other countries have already launched projects concerning the adoption or enhancement of long-term energy scenarios based on their national energy modeling expertise. Intergovernmental organizations are promoting such efforts and providing a platform for international exchange; most significantly the Long-Term Energy Scenario Campaign of the Clean Energy Ministerial and the IRENA’s Energy Transition Scenarios Network have launched and held their first meeting in 2018. This initiative attempts to join forces with the campaign and add the Canadian Energy Modelling Network to the international community.

Canada has been represented in last year’s webinar series on Long-term Energy Scenarios (see the video below). These webinars feature a variety of energy models used by Natural Resource Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada and Canada’s Energy Regulator to demonstrate the application of modelling for energy and climate policy decision making in Canada.

Next year’s event can provide a great opportunity for presenting the inventory of all capacities in Canada. This would allow participants to gain exposure to a global community of modelling experts and stakeholders, including government representatives.