Participating in the national dialogue

An effective national electricity/energy system modelling network that reflects the diverse needs of the country and can inform electricity stakeholders on paths forward on electrification needs continued engagement with policy makers in provincial and federal governments, system planners in Canadian utilities and civil society organizations. As dialogue organizers, we wish to extend you an invitation to participate in this initiative and associated activities. This participation will take many forms — we will get back to you about the possibilities. In the meanwhile, for more information please contact us at . We are looking to engage with as many interested parties as possible.

Modelling reports

Although not eligible for EMI funding, the 3 projects presented in the following table were submitted to us and were selected for inclusion in the synthesis. In this vein, despite the completed call for projects, we invite you to submit a modelling report for consideration. This could indeed contribute to the design of a sustainable modelling community.

Table 1 : Selected projects not eligible for funding

Innocent Kamwa,
Ali Hajebrahimi,
Sayeb Masoud Mohseni-Bonab,
Ali Moeini,
Chuma Francis Mugombozi
Institut de recherche
An open source Energy Transition Tool
For Canada Energy Sectors toward Deep
Decarbonisation Pathway Projects (DDPP)
Afshin Matin,
Glasha Obrekht,
John St-Laurent O’Connor,
Jean-Sébastian Landry,
Robin White,
Monique Brugger,
Justin Quan,
Raj Ghosh,
Environment and
Climate Change
Economics and Emissions Reduction Potential
of using the Pumped Water Storage (PWS)
versus Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
in Canada
Matthew Hansen,
Mantaj Hundal,
Michael Nadew,
National Energy BoardHourly Electricity Projections from Canada’s Energy
Future 2019