Samuel Letellier-Duchesne


Background information

Through my research at Polytechnique Montréal, I am interested in bridging the gap between building mechanics and architecture & planning. I develop tools that allow a better flow of information between the two fields. My project’s primary objective is the planning and integrated design of heat-sharing networks. This is enabled by tools that help understand energy use at different scales, from the neighborhood to the whole city. Using limited data sources, planners and energy specialists can understand energy flows from buildings in and around their site, propose a heat-sharing infrastructure and optimize energy sources.

My research on heat-sharing networks does not have a specific focus on the electricity systems, although it is possible that a wider adoption of heat-sharing infrastructures will likely have an impact on electric grids as buildings phase out from fossil fuel energy sources. In that regard, my research fits the long-term aspiration of Natural Resources Canada to “[establish] paths forward on electrification or other pressing energy-system inquiries.”

Models Developed

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Archetypal Building Energy ModelModel developed
District Energy ModelModel developed