Phil McKay

Background information

Ontario Professional Engineer with 5 years of automotive thermodynamics design, modeling and testing, 3 years of wind energy testing and analysis and 3 years of wind industry association O&M advocacy.

Model Usage

Policy Assessment

CanWEA actively promotes the responsible and sustainable growth of wind energy and is in the process of forming a new organization with CanSIA to serve the wind solar and energy storage industries collectively in all areas of policy, pertaining to the sustainable development of these industries. Many different fields including tax policies, incentive regulation, community aggregation, carbon pricing, output based systems.


Outputs are used to forecast industry trends and opportunities to support CanWEA and CanSIA industry members as they seek to invest in renewable energy and energy storage infrastructure in Canada. Modeled data is leveraged to advocate for these industries and anticipate the needs of the electricity system as a whole.