Lindsay Miller-Branovacki

Background information

Lindsay Miller is an adjunct professor and instructor at the University of Windsor in the Engineering department. Her current research focus is in renewable energy and innovative energy finance and procurement. Lindsay has been active in discussions with renewable energy developers and forward thinking companies to understand the mutual needs and challenges around project development and clean energy procurement. Lindsay has a strong background in the environmental and economic impacts of energy and pursues research objectives that focus on achieving a sustainable and economic energy future.

The focus of her modelling work is to:

  • Prepare stakeholders for the significant changes likely to occur in our energy systems between now and the year 2040.
  • Create new opportunities for commerce, increased employment, and environmental benefits through a more informed view of the future of energy systems.
  • Advance Canada’s energy economy through increased awareness of operational, financial, and environmental opportunity for optimization.
  • Transfigure the training connectivity between academia, industry, and government.

Models Developed

ModelRegistered as
CLEEN2040 Demand Curve Model - Supply Match ModelModel developed