Ibrahima Gassama


Background information

I worked in the Economics of sustainable development field for over 11 years in Quebec’s public administration. I hold a Doctorate in ecological economics and sustainable development. At Transition énergétique Quebec, I was on the team responsible for forecasting energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions using a techno-economic simulation model called MÉDÉE. I was thus able to contribute to the modelling work allowing to determine in particular the capacity of the Master Plan in transition, innovation and energy efficiency 2018-2023, to reach its targets in energy efficiency and reduction of petroleum products. I was also a member of the governmental Committee on Forests and Climate Change, whose mandate was to assess the potential contribution of forests to the fight against climate change. The work of this committee was aimed at preparing the next Quebec climate change strategy. Thus, my work consisted in measuring the potential of substitution of fossil fuels by energy products from the forest.

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