Fabien Maistre

Background information

I got my engineering degree in France, and I specialized in the energy field with a master’s degree at Polytechnique Montreal in 2018. Since, I work in modelling and simulation of renewable energy projects in a micro grid context. I analyze the technical and economic feasibility of the projects using the software developed by SG2B or other specialized tools.

Model Usage

Policy Assessment

Tax incentive regulation, carbon pricing.


To help communities become greener: it begins with an assessment of the energy used in the community with the GHG emissions and the cost associated. Then we analyze options to reduce GHG in the community: implement renewable energy (PV, Wind, battery etc.), biomass, electrify the public transport. For each project,we analyze the technical aspects like the impact on the electric grid of properly implementing such technologies but also the economic feasibility including policies as incentives, electricity rates and carbon tax. Different tools are used to compare the projects including an abatement curve. At the end, we prepare a plan for the next 20 years with the best options for the community.

To complete all this work of analysis, we develop three models: The first model, optimizes, on an economic basis, the electricity generation from multiple sources (diesel dispatch of a power plant, PV, wind, utility scale battery). The second one, can analyze the impacts of electrifying the public buses of a city (calculate the number of electric chargers, the number of electric buses…). The last one is designed to help commercial building in order to reduce their electric peak. It optimizes the energy usage of the building (heat and electricity) and simulates diverse types of technology: heat storage, battery, diesel generators, etc., to reduce the peak.

Models Used

ModelOutputs used
Electrify public transport

Energy and cost necessary to electrify buses

SGSIM - Peak Saver

Energy and cost for each technology used

SGSIM - Electricity generation

Diesel dispatch,impact of renewable production on the grid