Amy Pryse-Phillips


Background information

I have a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Waterloo (2003), and a Masters of Civil Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland (2010). From 2003 to 2010 I worked as a Hydrotechnical Engineer at Hatch in Newfoundland conducting various hydrotechnical studies (hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, dam breach modelling, power&energy modeling, river ice modelling) before moving to Vancouver in 2011 to work for BC Hydro on the environmental assessment of the Site C dam. On that project I was responsible for characterizing the downstream effects of the project (river flows, ice, and geomorphology/ sediment transport). Once the environmental assessment of Site C was complete, I decided to learn the fundamentals of the operation of the hydro system in BC, and worked as a shift engineer for 3.5 years. My team optimized the real-time operation of the system while respecting various physical, environmental, and social constraints. In January 2019 I started a new role in the Energy Planning department where I’m responsible for the development of various market price forecasts to support our long term energy planning.

Model Usage

Policy Assessment

Market price forecasting, energy planning.


We use a model to forecast the market price of electricity in the WECC, and a different model for portfolio optimization within our BC Hydro system.

Models Used

ModelOutputs used

Mid-C market price forecast

ABB System OptimizerNone specified