Remote Hybrid Microgrid Planning Model



Das, I., & Cañizares, C. A. (2019). Renewable Energy Integration in Diesel-Based Microgrids at the Canadian Arctic. Proceedings of the IEEE, 107(9), 1838-1856.


A GEP-based RE integration framework and model for diesel-RE hybrid systems was proposed to determine the optimal plan for incorporating RE to achieve maximum savings in diesel use, along with the reduction in GHGs, for the selected Canadian Arctic communities. This model can encompass community microgrids and results can be report up to 20-25 years.


government, utilities, industry, researchers

Key Inputs

wind, solar and load profiles, existing and new equipment costs and types

Key Outputs

optimal operation and capital costs, investment plans, GHG savings

Registered developers

Claudio CañizaresUniversity of Waterloo