Interconnection-Wide Hour-Ahead Scheduling in the Presence of Intermittent Renewables and Demand Response: A Surplus Maximizing Approach

Modelling project


Behboodi, S., Chassin, D. P., Djilali, N., & Crawford, C. (2017). Interconnection-wide hour-ahead scheduling in the presence of intermittent renewables and demand response: A surplus maximizing approach. Applied Energy, 189, 336-351.


It’s a new approach for solving the multi-area electricity resource allocation problem when considering both intermittent renewables and demand response. The method determines the hourly inter-area export/import set that maximizes the interconnection (global) surplus satisfying transmission, generation and load constraints.


PhD research

Key Inputs

energy markets, system interties

Key Outputs

optimal scheduling, surplus maximization

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Sahand BehboodiEnbala