Integrated Gas and Electricity System Planning

Model developed


Odetayo, B., MacCormack, J., Rosehart, W. D., & Zareipour, H. (2018). A real option assessment of flexibilities in the integrated planning of natural gas distribution network and distributed natural gas-fired power generations. Energy, 143, 257-272.

Babatunde Odeyato


Integrated planning of natural gas distributed generators and distribution system in the presence of uncertain electric power demand.


planning of natural gas distribution network and natural gas power generation, join energy and reserve settlement

Key Inputs

electricity and natural gas demand forecast, and the technical specifications of the electricity and Natural Gas distribution systems, candidate NGDS and NG pipelines

Key Outputs

investment options for distributed gas turbines and gas pipeline,contingency development plan for NG and NGDG expansion

Registered developers

Hamid ZareipourUniversity of Calgary