Energy Storage Operation Model

Model developed


Nasrolahpour, E., Kazempour, J., Zareipour, H., & Rosehart, W. D. (2017). A bilevel model for participation of a storage system in energy and reserve markets. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 9(2), 582-598.

Hamid Zareipour


The Energy Storage Operation Model is a decision-making tool based on a bilevel complementarity model for a merchant price-maker energy storage system to determine the most beneficial trading actions in poolbased markets, including day-ahead (as joint energy and reserve markets) and balancing settlements.


grid operators, grid infrastructure investment, profit maximization

Key Inputs

market information (price, supply, demand, transactions)

Key Outputs

bidding strategy in different market segments

Registered developers

Hamid ZareipourUniversity of Calgary