Deep Decarbonization in Northeastern North America: The value of electricity market integration and hydropower

Modelling project



Chair in Energy Sector Management, HEC Montreal
Jesus A. Rodriguez


This project uses a Linear programming model of the North American Northeast electricity sector. The model represents hourly operating decisions, as well as capacity investment decisions in generation, transmission and energy storage. The North American Northeast is represented as a 5-node network, including the main hydropower reservoirs of Quebec. The model has been applied to Northeastern North America: Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Provinces, New England and New York.


analysis of decarbonization policies, analysis of scenarios


regulators, energy policy makers, power companies

Key Inputs

decarbonization goals, investment and operation costs, load profiles

Key Outputs

Investments in generation, transmission and energy storage, marginal prices of electricity and carbon.

Registered developers

Jesus A. RodriguezHEC Montreal
Pierre-Olivier PineauHEC Montreal