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Mohammadreza Ahang , International, International NTNU university
Alison Bailie , Edmonton, AB Government of Alberta
Sahand Behboodi , Vancouver, BC Enbala
Martin Benum , London, ON London Hydro
Violette Berge , Montréal, QC Artelys Canada Inc.
Jean-Thomas Bernard Ottawa, ON Université d'Ottawa
Dale Beugin Ottawa, ON Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Kevin Birn , Calgary, AB IHS Markit
Marko Blais , Montréal, QC Hydro-Québec Production
Michael Bourque Fredericton, NB University of New Brunswick
Aidan Brookson , Toronto, ON Volta Research Inc.
Kush Bubbar , Fredericton, NB Sys-MoDEL (System-level Model Development Engineering Lab)
Guy Buller , Ottawa, ON CCMEO
Simon Bush , Fredericton, NB WSP Canada
Graham Calvin Toronto, ON Hydrostor Inc.
Claudio Canizares , Waterloo, ON Unmiversity of Waterloo
Richard Carlson Toronto, ON Pollution Probe
Kevin Caron , AB Canada Energy Regulator
Juan Sebastian Carrizo , Toronto, ON RWDI
Theo Christiaanse , Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Craig Church , Fredericton, NB NB Power
Ismaël Cissé , QC Transition energetique Quebec
John Cooper Halifax, NS Nova Scotia Environment
Royston D’Souza , Toronto, ON RWDI
Thomas Dandres , Montréal, QC Hydro-Québec / Polytechnique Montreal / École de technologie supérieure
Runa Das , BC Royal Roads University
Evan Davies Edmonton, AB University of Alberta
Véronique Delisle Varennes, QC Natural Resources Canada
Gulsun Demirezen , Toronto, ON Ryerson University
Michel Denault QC HEC Montréal
Lorne Deyenberg Regina, SK SaskPower
Stephen Dobson Edmonton, AB Alberta Environment and Parks
Brett Dolter , Regina, SK University of Regina
James Donald Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Alexandre Dumas , QC Environment and Climate Change Canada
Gregory Emiel Montréal, QC Hydro Québec
Ann Evans , Fredericton, NB WSP
Ralph Evins Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Chuck Farmer Toronto, ON Independent Electricity System Operator
Gaëlle Faure Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Allan Fogwill , Calgary, AB Canadian Energy Research Institute
Samuel Forget Lord Gatineau, QC Environment Canada
Pierre Frechet , QC Hydro-Sherbrooke
Vicki Gagnon Toronto, ON IESO
Ahmed Gaouda , ON Uwaterloo, University of Waterloo
Ibrahima Gassama , QC Transition énergétique Québec
Eric Giroux , Gatineau, QC Environment and Climate Change Canada
Brad Griffin , Burnaby, BC Canadian Energy and Emissions Data Centre
Ehsan Haghi Waterloo, ON University of Waterloo
Matthew Hansen , Calgary, AB Canada Energy Regulator
Jennifer Harmer , Toronto, ON RWDI
Sam Harrison , University of Toronto
Marianne Hatzopoulou , Toronto, ON University of Toronto
Richard Hendriks , ON University of Toronto
Yuill Herbert , Tatamagouche, NS Sustainability Solutions Group
Robert Hoffman , Milton, ON Stokes Economics
Michael Hoffman Ottawa, ON Whatif technologies
Amir Hoss , Toronto, ON TEAME
Hossein Hosseini , Ottawa, ON Smart Propsperity Institute
Gordon Huang Regina, SK University of Regina
Adrian Ilinca , Rimouski, QC Université du Québec à Rimouski
Benjamin Israel , Calgary, AB Pembina Institute
Eva Janossy , Toronto, ON Ontario Power Generation
Gabriel John , Edmonton, AB Alberta Energy
Innocent Kamwa , Varennes, QC IREQ
Noeline Kanagalingam , Calgary, AB Alberta Electric System Operator
Bryan Karney , Ajax, ON University of Toronto
Chris Kennedy BC UVic
Chris Krasowski , Victoria, BC BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Michaël Kummert , Montreal, QC Polytechnique Montréal
Chunyan Lai , Montréal, QC Concordia University
Jean-Sébastien Landry Gatineau, QC Environment and Climate Change Canada
Simon Langlois-Bertrand QC Concordia University
Marc Lavigne , Montréal Hydro-Québec
David Layzell , Calgary, AB University of Calgary
Caroline Lee Ottawa, ON Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Samuel Letellier-Duchesne , Polytechnique Montréal
Thomas Levy , Ottawa, ON Natural Resources Canada
Lirong Liu Regina, SK University of Regina
Eric Lui , ON IESO
Heather MacLean , Toronto, ON University of Toronto
Heather MacLeod Charlottetown, PE Government of Prince Edward Island
Fabien Maistre QC SG2B Inc.
Benoit Marcoux QC Private Practice
Mohamad Masudy , Vancouver, BC Freelance
Brendan Matheson Halifax, NS Nova Scotia Power
Afshin Matin Gatineau, QC ECCC
Jordan McDade Halifax, NS Nova Scotia Power
Andrew McGillis , Storage technology supplier and developer Toronto, ON Hydrostor
James McGowan , Barrie, ON Hydro One
Phil McKay Toronto, ON Canadian Wind Energy Association
Madeleine McPherson Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Lyne Mercier Montréal, QC La Régie de l'énergie
Eric Miller , Toronto, ON University of Toronto
Lindsay Miller-Branovacki Windsor, ON University of Windsor
Barbar Moawad Vancouver, BC Navius Research
Adam Monahan , Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Majid Morshedizadeh North Cape, PE Wind Energy Institute of Canada
Chuma Francis Mugombozi , QC Hydro-Québec
Martin Mullany Vancouver, BC Bridge Power Holdings Ltd
Rose Murphy Vancouver, BC Simon Fraser University
Serghei Musaji Fredericton, NB University of New Brunswick
Melanie Nadeau , Understanding the model and outputs of the model at a regional level Halifax, NS Emera Inc.
Peter Narbaitz , Ottawa, ON ICF Canada
Amjad Navid , Natural Resources Canada
Taco Niet Surrey, BC Simon Fraser Univeristy
David Norris , Edmonton Calgary Vancouver, AB BC Green Metrics Technologies
Liam O’Brien , Ottawa, ON Carleton U.
Elisa Obermann Halifax, NS Marine Renewables Canada
Derek Olmstead , Calgary, AB Market Surveillance Administrator
Joanna Osawe , Toronto, ON WiRE - Women in Renewable Energy
Mohamed Ouf , Montréal, QC Concordia University
Kevin Palmer-Wilson Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Jean-Nicolas Paquin Montréal, QC OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES
Aaron Pardy Burnaby, BC Simon Fraser University
Pragasen Pillay , QC Concordia University
JP Pinard Whitehorse, YK JP Pinard Consulting Engineer
Pierre-Olivier Pineau , Montréal, QC HEC Montreal
Mehrdad Pirnia , Waterloo, ON University of Waterloo
Amy Pryse-Phillips , Vancouver, BC BC Hydro
Chris Pulfer Ottawa, ON Posterity Group Consulting
Remi Quirion , Science administrator QC Quebec Govrn
Hajo Ribberink , , , Providing knowledge/data to build models related to for instance EVs and Smart Energy Networks, and as Model User Ottawa, ON Natural Resources Canada
Nic Rivers Ottawa, ON University of Ottawa
Bryson Robertson , Victoria, BC University of Victoria
Mark Robertson Dartmouth, NS EfficiencyOne
Amber Robson Gatineau, QC ECCC
Jesus A. Rodriguez Montréal, QC HEC Montreal
Michael Ross , Whitehorse, YK Yukon College
Saad Sarfraz , Toronto, ON Canadian Gas Association
David Shipley Ottawa, ON Posterity Group
Rillwan Shokunbi , NB UNB
Robert Skinner Calgary, AB Universityh of Calgary
Jacob Snell , Winnipeg, MB Manitoba Hydro
Amy Sopinka Victoria, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Province of BC
Guillaume Tarel , Montréal, QC Hydro Québec
Marc-André Tessier , Montréal, QC Ministère des Transports du Québec
Peggy Trousseau Montréal, QC Hydro-Québec
Kathleen Vaillancourt Montréal, QC ESMIA Consultants Inc.
Henri Van Rensburg , Toronto, ON Nexant Canada Inc.
Cameron Wade Victoria, BC UVic -- IESVic University of victoria
Jason Wang , While I am trained in model-building, I think I have more to offer in terms of techniques to analyzing model outputs . International, International Delft University of Technology
Alec Warzin , Barrie, ON Hydro One
Jessica Webster , research contributor and thought leader Ottawa, ON Natural Resources Canada
Nimal Weeratunga Windsor, ON EnWin Utilities Ltd
William Wheeler , Barrie, ON Hydro One
Robin White , Gatineau, QC Environment & Climate Change Canada
Paul Wieringa BC B.C, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
Thomas Williams , MB Manitoba
Steven Wong , Varennes, QC Natural Resources Canada
David Wood , integrating renewable energy in electricity markets Calgary, AB University of Calgary
Greg Young-Morris , Fredericton, NB NB Power
Danilo Yu , Toronto, ON Ryerson University
Ryan Zade Toronto, ON Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines
Hamid Zareipour AB University of Calgary
Peter Zerek Toronto, ON Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines
Naomi Zimmerman Vancouver, BC University of British Columbia
95 models found
Name Type Known users
An Energy Transition Tool for Canada Energy Sectors Toward Deep Decarbonisation Pathway Projects (DDPP) Modellsing project
Archetypal Building Energy Model Model developed
Artelys Crystal Super Grid Model
BESOS Model developed
Building Energy Simulations Framework Modellsing project
Building Performance Simulations Framework Modellsing project
Canada Energy Policy Simulator Modellsing project
CanESS Model developed
CERI Input Output Model Model developed 1
CESAR Agrifood Model Model developed
CESAR Hydrogen Economy Model Model
CIMS Model
CIMS-Urban Model
CityInSight Model 1
Clean Fuel Standard Cost Model Model developed
CLEEN2040 Demand Curve Model – Supply Match Model Model developed
CLEWs Model
CREST Model developed 1
Culvert Replacement Model Model developed
Deep Decarbonization in Northeastern North America: Hydropower and the Value of Electricity Market Integration Modellsing project
Demand/Generation Cluster-Model Model developed 1
Development and Optimization of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms in the Prediction of Ambient Temperature Modellsing project
District Energy Model Model developed
E3MC Model 1
Electric Water Heater Operations Modellsing project
Electricity Optimal Generation Planning & Operations Model Model developed
Energy 2020 Model
Energy Futures Modelling System Model
Energy Hub Model
Energy Managent Systems for Microgrids Model
Energy Storage Operation Model Model developed
Energy System Optimization Model Model developed
Full Fuel Cycle Emissions Model Model developed
GCAM Model
GHG Emissions From the Oilsands Model Model developed
GHG Projections for smart homes Modellsing project
GTA Model Model developed
gTech Model 5
HERMES Model developed
Household Energy Use Modelling Modellsing project
Hybrid Optimization Modelling Schemes Model developed
Hydro One – Ontario Transmission System Model Model developed
Hydro One Distribution System Model Model developed
IESD Model 1
In-House Developed Model To Simulation Hybrid Energy Networks Model developed
Inexact Chance-Constrained Mixed-Integer Regional Energy Model Model
Integrated Gas and Electricity System Planning Model developed
Interconnection-Wide Hour-Ahead Scheduling in the Presence of Intermittent Renewables and Demand Response: A Surplus Maximizing Approach Modellsing project
Itron (Converge: LMS) Model developed
Macro-LCA Model
MetrixND Model 1
MILP Formulations for Generator Maintenance Scheduling in Hydropower Systems Modellsing project
Modelling and Assessment of Cloud Based Smart Dual Fuel Switching System (SDFSS) of Residential Hybrid HVAC System for Simultaneous Reduction of Energy Cost and Greenhouse Gas Emission Under Smart Grid Infrastructure Modellsing project
Monarch (OSI: DMS) Model developed
Multiple in-house Developed Models for Evaluating EV Feasibility, Charging Load, Infrastructure Need, Grid Impact, etc. Modellsing project
NB Power Transmission Model Model developed
New Brunswick Power System Model
New Zealand – Agent Based Benefit / Cost Assessment Model Model
NPCC Cooperative Game Model Model developed
Oil and Gas Supply Forecast Model Model developed 1
Ontario Energy Market Simulator Model
Optimal Charging and Discharging Of Large Scale Electric Vehicle Systems Model
Posterity Group Navigator Model 1
Predicting Indoor Temperature using Machine Learning Modellsing project
PROVMODS Model developed
Pseudo-Panel Data Model of Household Electricity Demand Model
PSOD Model developed
Quasi-Static Time Series (QSTS) Analysis Modellsing project
Remote Hybrid Microgrid Planning Model Model
Renewable Resources Portfolio Optimization in the Presence of Demand Response Modellsing project
Residential and Transportation Stock-Rollover Model Model
Residential Heating and Thermal Storage Model
Saskatchewan Adoption of CGE Model developed
SILVER Model 1
Spatial Community Energy Carbon and Cost Characterization Model Model
Stochastic Hydropower Generator Maintenance Scheduling via Benders Decomposition Model
TaNDM Model
TEPs Model
Thermal Energy Storage in Microgrids Modellsing project
TIMES-Norway Model
Transactive Control of Fast-Acting Demand Response Based on Thermostatic Loads in Real-Time Retail Electricity Markets Modellsing project
Transactive Energy Model Model
Transactive Energy System in a Residential Community Modellsing project
TRNSYS – UMI Model developed
Wind Diesel System with Compressed Air Energy Storage Model