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Building Energy Simulations Framework Modelling project
CanESS Model developed 1
CESAR Agrifood Energy and Carbon Flow Model Model developed
Clean Fuel Standard Cost Model Model developed
CREST Model developed 1
Deep Decarbonization in Northeastern North America: Hydropower and the Value of Electricity Market Integration Modelling project
Development and Optimization of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms in the Prediction of Ambient Temperature Modelling project
E3MC 1
Energy 2020 3
Energy Futures Modelling System
Full Fuel Cycle Emissions Model Model developed
gTech 5
Hybrid Optimization Modelling Schemes Model developed
In-House Developed Model To Simulation Hybrid Energy Networks Model developed
Integrated Gas and Electricity System Planning Model developed
MetrixND 1
Modelling and Assessment of Cloud Based Smart Dual Fuel Switching System (SDFSS) of Residential Hybrid HVAC System Modelling project
Multiple in-house Developed Models for Evaluating EV Feasibility, Charging Load, Infrastructure Need, Grid Impact, etc. Modelling project
NATEM Model developed
NB Power Transmission Model Model developed
Posterity Group Navigator 1
Residential and Transportation Stock-Rollover Model
Spatial Community Energy Carbon and Cost Characterization Model
Transactive Energy System in a Residential Community Modelling project