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52 Models found
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ABB System Optimizer Model developed 1
Archetypal Building Energy Model Model developed
Artelys Crystal Super Grid Model
BESOS Model developed
CLEWs Model developed
CREST Model developed 1
CrudeFx Model developed 1
Culvert Replacement Model Model developed
Deep Decarbonization in Northeastern North America: Hydropower and the Value of Electricity Market Integration Modelling project
Development and Optimization of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms in the Prediction of Ambient Temperature Modelling project
District Energy Model Model developed
EDC proprietary – Aurora Model developed 1
Electricity Optimal Generation Planning & Operations Model Model developed
Energy Hub Model
Energy Management Systems for Micro-grids Model
Energy Storage Operation Model Model developed
Energy System Optimization Model Model developed
GCAM Model
GHG Projections for smart homes Modelling project
HERMES Model developed
HOMER Model developed 4
Hybrid Optimization Modelling Schemes Model developed
In-House Developed Model To Simulation Hybrid Energy Networks Model developed
Inexact Chance-Constrained Mixed-Integer Regional Energy Model Model
Integrated Gas and Electricity System Planning Model developed
Interconnection-Wide Hour-Ahead Scheduling in the Presence of Intermittent Renewables and Demand Response: A Surplus Maximizing Approach Modelling project
MILP Formulations for Generator Maintenance Scheduling in Hydropower Systems Modelling project
Modelling and Assessment of Cloud Based Smart Dual Fuel Switching System (SDFSS) of Residential Hybrid HVAC System Modelling project
Multiple in-house Developed Models for Evaluating EV Feasibility, Charging Load, Infrastructure Need, Grid Impact, etc. Modelling project
NATEM Model developed
NPCC Cooperative Game Model Model developed
Optimal Charging and Discharging Of Large Scale Electric Vehicle Systems Model
Optimisation du Parc de Production Deterministe Model developed 1
Optimisation du parc de production Stochastique Model developed 1
Posterity Group Navigator Model 1
PROMOD HD Model developed 1
PSS®E Model developed 1
PyPSA Model developed 1
Quasi-Static Time Series (QSTS) Analysis Modelling project
Remote Hybrid Microgrid Planning Model Model
Renewable Resources Portfolio Optimization in the Presence of Demand Response Modelling project
SGSIM – Electricity generation Model developed 1
SGSIM – Peak Saver Model developed 1
SILVER Model 1
Simulation du parc de production Model developed 1
ST Vista Model developed 1
Stochastic Hydropower Generator Maintenance Scheduling via Benders Decomposition Model
Thermal Energy Storage in Microgrids Modelling project
Transactive Control of Fast-Acting Demand Response Based on Thermostatic Loads in Real-Time Retail Electricity Markets Modelling project
Transactive Energy Model Model
Transactive Energy System in a Residential Community Modelling project
Wind for space heating sizing model Model developed 1